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Jul 21, 2011 3:00am EDT
abdul aziz. along with his fighters, he's been on the run from us special forces for a year. now he's changed sides. he's being given extra weapons by the afghan government, and asked to help hunt down his former taliban friends. >> narrator: a month after the ceremony, we go back to find abdul aziz and his militia. we discover that he is starting to regret his decision to leave the taliban. >> narrator: aziz and his men have not been paid by the government since they started working for them. they are cold and hungry, and they are very worried that at some point, they might actually have to fight their former taliban friends. then something happens that none of them want. one of aziz' men has just been told that there are some taliban hiding in a house nearby. >> narrator: aziz seems unsure what to do. aziz tries to persuade the village elder to hand the taliban over without a confrontation. he forgets he is wearing a microphone. >> narrator: the us military acknowledges that there aren't enough taliban foot soldiers switching sides to make a real difference in the war. but they argu
Jul 28, 2011 7:00am PDT
. the videos alyce to beg for his achilles' tendon after chasing aziz that broke into his san francisco hotel >> let's talk about whether, but first a quick check on the hotspots that george is tracking in san jose. i >> 101 northbound is still badly backed up. there is no longer an accident, this is just the residual traffic. that is why it is a hot spot. slow traffic on a number of adjacent freeways. as we look at 101 northbound, it is not unusual to see slow traffic on the guadalupe parkway. what has happened is, the back up that normally leads to the montague has emerged with the back government earlier occurring accident. we are looking at a drive time of about 45 minutes heading into powell also from downtown san jose. it should be about half of that. 24-27 minutes. alternates like 680 of 2 to 37 are every bit as low. in the case of to a become even slower. that would cost about an hour. your best bet is to stay on 101 here is a check on weather. >> or let's focus on what is positive in san jose right now, the weather. critics in sunshine. it will warm nicely by this aft
Jul 18, 2011 8:30am EDT
aziz and the government about it. until we get those political talks going it is going to be hard to agree on the security side. what we have pressed for until we get political talks for the process going is going to be very hard and they differ on how to deal with a cease-fire on the security side. what we pressed hard for on the humanitarian front is they have got to allow for more help to the people who are being killed and displaced. one of the things we proposed is how about a humanitarian pause? a 72 hour pause? that happened in another conflict situations where you can get food and medicine. both sides have said they are open to that. we are going to press that if they can't reach a broader decision. but i am hoping the talks will start very soon and clarify these objections to the framework agreement and continue to press on that and if we can't get a longer cessation of hostilities, try to get a period where we can get help to the people who need it. >> you believe among the leaders in the north there may be any doubts or reservations about how the united states may behave?
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)